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Just Bikin' Around


Loveland's Custom Bicycles will be hosting family bike rides throughout the summer. Stay tuned to the Facebook community for specific days, times, distances (as they will vary). What a GREAT way for families to spend time together, get some great exercise, and CREATE and CAPTURE Memories.

Family Adventure

Grab your bike and get ready for FUN! Be sure you tell Mom or Dad where you are going, or better yet, take them or a sibling or a friend with you! Adventures are always more fun when the family is together!



Ready . . . Set . . . RIDE!



We suggest that you ride at least 1 mile to complete this Adventure.



This is a great adventure to combine with other adventures that are away from home, but close enough to ride a bike! The main goal is to have FUN with your family and CREATE and CAPTURE Memories!


Pre-K Adventure

Grab your bike, or trike or whatever level of 'bike' you are ready for, and let's go for a ride. Be sure you have Mom, Dad, an older sibling, or all of the above with you, and go for a ride!



This is a great adventure to combine with other adventures that are away from home, but close enough to ride a bike! The main goal is to have FUN with your family and CREATE and CAPTURE Memories!



Community Engagement Adventure

Are you ready for a little more challenge when it comes to bikes? How about organizing a neighborhood bike rodeo?



Here are some ideas for your bike rodeo:


  • Learn and teach participants the basic rules of bike riding, including hand signals, safety precautions, and bike maintenance.
  • Hold a bike clinic and invite someone to come teach some basic of bike maintenance and/or repair.
  • Invite participants to learn and show off some of their favorite bike tricks. Be sure to remind them it’s SAFETY FIRST! So nothing too crazy or dangerous!
  • Organize a bike parade for the 4th of 24th of July (or any day that works for you!) Invite everyone in the neighborhood to decorate their bikes and then ride them around the block to show off their creativity. You can even throw candy if you want. Just be sure to clean up any messes that get made!


Here are some tips for a successful event:


  • Invite everyone in the neighborhood! This is a great way to bring a neighborhood together, and to show kindness to everyone. Remember the Golden Rule— Treat others the way you would want to be treated.
  •  Involve others in the planning. You may want to break up into groups and assign different responsibilities. This is a great opportunity to learn to work with others, and to delegate.
  • Be sure Mom and Dad know what you are planning! The first rule of planning any event is to have the proper permissions and guidelines!


Teen Adventure

Alright Teens! Time for some biking fun. Pull a group of friends together and plan a bike ride!



The ride can be as long or as short as you want, but here are some things to keep in mind:


  • SAFETY FIRST! Whatever your route is, plan for safety, and be prepared!
  • Learn proper biking rules, and make sure that everyone on the ride is familiar with basic hand signals, safety precautions, and bike care.
  • Make sure that everyone is prepared for the length of ride you organize. Also be prepared for emergencies. For example, if you are going to be going away from town be sure to have food and a first aid kit.
  • Be sure that Mom and Dad know your plans, where you are going, what time you are expecting to be where, etc.






Photo Location

Take a selfie or groupie of you riding your bike(s) and post it to your social media sites using the hashtags #Lovelands and #MyDiscoveryDestination

Stamp Location

93 N Main St, Brigham City

by Lovelands Custom Bicycles

I've been in the Bicycle business over 35 years! My goal is to excite a new generation about cycling!


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