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Readers Are Leaders!

Family Adventure


'Leaders are Readers' and 'Readers are Leaders'. Reading allows you to go anywhere in the world, learn anything you want to know, and become anything you want to be. Read at least one book per week at your current reading level throughout this term/semester.  Come tell us some of the books you’ve read!


Parents- Want to help your kids be successful adults? Watch and consider this: You Shouldn't Be Paid for Doing Chores


Pre-K Adventure


Even if you do not read you can start on a path to success by being read to! Come to Bounce N Slide’s free story time. Every Monday at 10am

Community Engagement Adventure


SUPERAchievers not only take time to READ, but they understand that WHAT they read is also important. Reading 10 pages today about a topic that you are interested in will not make you an expert in that topic. However, if you read just 10 pages per day for a whole year that's 3,650 pages or approximately 25 books (depending on the reading level). That's enough to get you well on your way to becoming an expert in any field that interests you.


Through books you can travel the world, be mentored by the leading experts in your field of interest, interact with the best personal development coaches in the world, and you can learn and become literally anything you want to be! Start by watching this short clip about a book called The Slight Edge. Then to choose a book from Wattson's Favorite Books and Authors BINGO and start reading!  Come tell us about the book you’ve read!

Teen Adventure


Reading is a life long skill. Most teenager's either do not love reading or they can not put a book down. For those that prefer to 'listen' try audiobooks and alternate resources. There are so many options in this age of technology!  For this adventure we are going to stretch you- but in a way that will absolutely CHANGE YOUR LIFE!!


For this adventure we are going to play Wattson's Favorite Books and Authors READING BINGO. Go to this reading bingo card and let the fun begin! Print off the BINGO card and start reading. As you complete a book mark it off and share in the My Discovery Destination! Teen Group a quick synopsis of what you learned from it, or a favorite quote.


This Adventure will be an investment of time, but most importantly, it's an investment in YOU and will reap rewards far greater than we could ever give you. However, there WILL be prizes for Bingo's, and HUGE prizes for BLACKOUTS!


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