Community Outreach: ‘Being There’ without really being there.

You can 'Be There' without spending the time and effort to actually be there -
My Discovery Destination! and Wattson participate in a variety of community events to promote Adventure Sponsors and the program in general. You have a presence at all of these events in two ways:

  1. The display and QR Codes include a listing of local Adventure Sponsors and logos.

  3. Any promotion of My Discovery Destination! directs people to Adventure Sponsors by the very nature of the program. People exploring the program are directed straight to the Adventure Sponsors and the 'Adventures' they sponsor.

Community outreach efforts include:

  • Community events and booth opportunities
  • Chamber events
  • Parades and City Celebrations
  • County and State Fairs
  • Events at local colleges and universities
  • School and PTA/PTO Events
  • Business Events
  • Professional Athletic Events
  • and MORE



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