Healthy, strong family relationships are foundational to young people’s growth, learning, and well-being.


These relationships build strong social and emotional strengths that kids use throughout their lives.


But great family relationships don’t just happen..



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The Discovery Family Adventures provide ideas, activities, and experiences to help build strong family relationships.


Our goal is to strengthen family relationships to help kids be and become their best selves 

and to support parents in raising happy, successful, resilient kids in an exciting,

but sometimes turbulent and dangerous world.



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Leverage Effort

Family Adventure


Leverage your service efforts by participating in the Super Service Challenge and helping to raise funding for your favorite charities without spending a dime!



Take time to learn how the Super Service Challenge works so that you can leverage your volunteer efforts in the future.




Acknowledge the extra effort that went into creating the video for the organization


Provide specific positive feedback on the video itself such as "I love your enthusiasm" or "You are really good at capturing a visual representation of what the project was about."


Help them get the likes and attention they need for the video to have an impact by sharing on your social media sites


When the money is received by the organization arrange with them to have a special recognition or 'Thank You' event with the child to acknowledge their work.


Ask the organization to let the child know what the money will be used for and how it will impact them accomplishing their mission.








Serve and Win, Join the Challenge



The Super Service Challenge shares inspiring acts of service and donates to the nonprofits served. This is such an easy way to increase the impact of the various service you are already doing. 



For this Adventure take some time to help your family become familiar with the Super Service Challenge and how it works so that you can see how easy it is and leverage your volunteer efforts throughout the year. Go over the requirements, and maybe even practice taking a video and going through the process of uploading it. Of course- to do that you'll want to be doing an actual volunteer activity. Something as simple as making a blanket for making a hygiene kit for the homeless shelter will do!






Step #1: Find Your Passion

Volunteer at a nonprofit with a group of two or more.

Need help finding a place to volunteer?  Check out or  Volunteer Match to find up-to-date volunteer opportunities.











Step #2: Make a Video

While volunteering use your smart phone or camera to take videos and photos of your experience. (Remember editing your videos and photos can be completed after your service project.)

What needs to be included in your video is the following:

  • At least two volunteers.
  • Provide the name and location of the nonprofit served.
  • Describe the project you participated in for the nonprofit.
  • Share great things about the nonprofit.
  • Consider sharing your experience as a volunteer and the impact the volunteer project will have on the nonprofit.


Suggested video lengths should be approximately 2 minutes.

  • Keep the video simple, yet inspiring to others.
  • Videos must be viewed before individuals can vote on the video.

Save your video in a .MOV or .MP4 format.





Step #3: Upload your Video

Sign up at What is needed to sign up? Click here.

After sign up is complete you can upload your video. What's needed to upload?

You will complete the following information:

    • Video Title
    • Short description of the video
    • Provide tags "#" that help promote the video, nonprofit, or group of volunteers. (Example: #volunteeringiscontagious).
    • Select when you want your video campaign (how long you want your video eligible to receive votes for the nonprofit) to end. Why is this important?
      • A shorter campaign end may provide funding from the votes quicker for a specific need of the nonprofit.
      • You want to aggressively work your video through your contacts for a specific time period.
      • Maximize the c ampaign for a full year to allow as many votes as possible over the 12 month maximum time allowed for videos to receive votes.
    • Select from a list of nonprofits that are registered with Super Service Challenge. If the nonprofit is not currently registered with the Super Service Challenge, no problem — just select "Not Listed" and provide the nonprofit name and email address for the nonprofit contact.





Step #4: Earn Big Bucks for your nonprofit!


Share your video link from the Super Service Challenge with your contacts via email and social media challenges requesting individuals to register and vote for your video.Once your video receives 50 votes, each vote equals $1 up to $50,000 for the nonprofit you served.Donations earned through votes are paid out after the quarter following the end of your campaign.










TIP:  Be sure to share your link in your local My Discovery Destination! Facebook group and let us help you get the 'likes' you need to earn money for the non-profit.




Still have questions?


Community Engagement Adventure

Want to be a SUPER-Achiever?


Share this information with 3-5 of your friends and work together to raise money for their favorite non-profit!




Photo Location

This selfie gets a little funky . . . Take a selfie of your family 'taking a selfie of yourselves serving' and post it to your social media sites with the hashtags #SuperServiceChallenge, #JustServe, and a hashtag for the organization you are serving.

by Super Service Challenge


The Super Service Challenge shares inspiring acts of service

and donates to the nonprofits served.

  Drew Brees Brees Dream Foundation Advocate and Spokesperson


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