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Develop a 'Gratitude' Attitude

Family Adventure


GOAL:  Help family members develop a Gratitude Attitude


The ADVENTURE:  Start your own gratitude journal


TIPS/REWARD Suggestions:


  • Acknowledge the things that the kids put on their gratitude lists in positive ways
  • Plan Family Gratitude Nights - Fun outings that the family will go on after a certain number of consecutive days writing in the gratitude journal
  • Support the kids by trying to bring more of the things they are 'grateful' for into their lives when possible.





One of the songs I remember most that still comes to mind often starts out ¨`*•.• When you have a gratitude attitude . . . ..•* ★  This little song is a reminder to us that having an attitude of gratitude and viewing our circumstances from a point of 'seeing the good around us' can lead to greater peace and joy in our lives. A great way to develop this desired attitude is to keep a gratitude journal.


A gratitude journal or list is a diary of things you are grateful for. Gratitude journals are used to focus attention on the positive things in your life. This simple daily ritual has been scientifically proven to bring more joy into your life.


Positive psychology research outlined in Harvard Health Publications shows that "gratitude is strongly and consistently associated with greater happiness." This simple act helps people not only feel more positive but also improve their health, handle adversity, and build strong relationships—even on their worst days.


This Adventure is designed to help each member of the family get started with a daily gratitude list. It can be as simple as writing down 2-3 things per day, but the impact will literally change your life.





Here are a few simple steps (and tips) for completing this Adventure.


#1: Invest in a Journal


It doesn't have to be fancy or expensive- just make sure that each member of the family has a journal and a pen that works.


Some ideas:

  • Find an old journal you meant to fill up, but haven't yet.
  • Use a simple notebook and personalize it. You will invest more of your time and energy into something when you feel a connection to it.
  • Once you find the right 'journal' that compels you to use it every day, keep it where you will see it.
  • Let you journal become a symbol of appreciation in itself. Just seeing it each day will inspire a sense of gratitude.


#2  Getting Started


The first rule of writing a gratitude list is that there are no rules. Let your gratitude journal work seamlessly with your lifestyle. That said, here is a suggestion to get you going . . .


  • Start by having each member of the family spend 10-15 minutes making a one-page listing all of the ongoing things they are grateful for every day-- family, food, clothes, etc.
  • Now that you have your CORE list, focus your daily list on things you are grateful for THAT DAY. For example, 'I'm grateful that we were able to travel safely today', 'I'm grateful for the phone call from an old friend', 'I'm grateful that the tree that fell didn't hurt anyone', etc.


#3  Control Perspective


Some days you may approach your gratitude list feeling downright gloomy, and the idea of being thankful will seem like an impossible task. When this happens, think about ways you could change your perspective about the happenings of the day. For example:

  • If you've had a hard day at work you may change the perspective to 'I'm grateful to have a job'
  • If you're feeling frustrated about outdated clothes try changing the perspective to "I'm grateful to have these clothes."
  • If you're disappointed that your family or friends weren't able to come after all because they are sick, you could change the perspective to, "I'm grateful for the relationship and that I will be able to see them when they get well."
  • If all else fails, start your list by being thankful for the fact you're even making time to be grateful; you're trying, and that's the main thing.


#4   Make It Simple


Not everyone has the natural gift of seeing the world with a silver lining, but a gratitude list will help you become more of a glass-half-full person.  Just keep it simple, and be consistent.


#5   Write it Down


Despite relying on technology for much of your work and personal life, your daily gratitude list should be done in the old-school style. Grab a pen or pencil and write things down by hand, on paper. Including the kinetic experience in the process makes you approach your list with thoughtfulness and awareness. When you feel each and every word being written down on paper, there is a real cellular experience that takes place, and it connects you to that sentiment. Try it and see.


#6   Create a Routine


Research shows that there are many benefits of implementing a morning and nighttime routine. It enhances your productivity and encourages a healthier lifestyle.  One of the easiest ways to stick to your daily gratuity is to start and/or end your day with a humble and happy mood by adding to your gratitude list every day at the same time, either before bed or when you rise . . . or BOTH!

  • In the morning you can express gratitude for the 2-3 things you are most focused on for that day. This also helps you set an intention that those things will go well.
  • In the evening you can review the day by jotting down 2-3 things you are grateful for that happened that day!
  • If your schedule is crazy, set an alarm in your calendar so you don't forget (or try my latest trick and have Alexa remind you!)


After a while, it will become habitual, and you'll look forward to it every day.


#7   Make it work for YOU


Just because this Adventure encourages you to write it down by hand doesn't mean you have to. If it works better for you to keep your list electronically or on your phone or in another unique and creative way . . . GO FOR IT!

Just because the Adventure suggests you add 2-3 things in the morning and another 2-3 things in the event doesn't mean you have to. Your gratitude list should be something you want to do, not a chore, so feel free to set your own schedule and style.


#8   When you feel sad or frustrated, Review Your Gratitude List


There is no better way to change your outlook and vibration than to review all of the good things that have happened in your life. Whenever you're having a challenging day or find yourself slipping back into the pattern of questioning whether you matter, pull out your list and review all of the times when good things showed up for you, and SMILE at the reminder that there's so much to be grateful for.


"I know for sure that appreciating whatever shows up for you in life changes your personal vibration. You radiate and generate more goodness for yourself when you're aware of all you have and not focusing on your have-nots." ~Oprah Winfrey


Here are some additional resources you may want to enjoy together as a family as part of this Adventure:

Attitude of Gratitude by Nick Vujicic


Say 'Thank You' - An Inspirational Video


Photo Location

Take a selfie of you that represents one of the things on your gratitude list and post it to your social media sites with the hashtags #gratitude and #DiscoveryFamily

by Gratitude List


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