Sponsoring Special Events


Adventure Sponsors have an opportunity to host classes and events that introduce families to their services. Adventure Sponsors offer everything from yoga or karate classes to 'Slime Time' and Storybook hours on topics that complement their business.
Things to keep in mind:

    • This is an opportunity for families to 'try on' your services and see if it's a good fit for them. The event must be free, but you can promote ongoing services and offer sign up incentives for future classes.


    • These are usually held at the Adventure Sponsors' location. However, if you do not have your own place, but would like to hold an event, let us know. In Cache Valley we have a beautiful space you can use. In other areas we may have contacts we can work with to find a suitable location for you.


    • We recommend you offer an event 2-3 times each session. This provides families with options to work around calendaring conflicts. It also helps spread out the number of participants at each event to help you avoid having more than you can handle. You can set parameters on events.



Again- we drive traffic to your event. Creating an experience that makes kids and parents want to come back is up to you!

You've got this!!


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