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Feed the Ducks

Family Adventure


Feeding the ducks is such a great opportunity to have fun, share joy, and even have some of those important conversations with kids. It's important to know what to feed, and what NOT to feed them!


Ducks will eat stale bread, donuts, chips, crackers and popcorn but these things are very low in nutrition and can actually be bad for them. If you want to feed the ducks give them something healthy: birdseed, cracked corn, peas, veggie trimmings (cut into small pieces) or mealworms.


Here is a list of things that are safe and nutritious for birds.


Birdseed. Whether it includes millet, sunflower seeds, or another mix, any type of birdseed is safe to feed ducks instead of bread.

Duck Feed Pellets
Oats and Similar Grains




Community Engagement Adventure


For the community engagement level Adventure help keep the pond where you feed the ducks clean. Take a few minutes to pick up a bit around the pond.




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