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Backyard Games

Family Adventure

Summer is the perfect time for backyard games. There are so many to choose from!


You don't need to have backyard games from a store for this. Here are some DIY options:


❏ Paper plate horseshoes: Cut off the outside of paper plates and have the kids paint them. Then ttoss them around a grounded paper towel roll! This is a great game for outside, or inside on a rainy day.


❏ Spongeballs: This is a fantastic homemade game or yard toss for a hot summer day. Buy some fun looking sponges or use what you've already got! Drench them in water and soap and get ready to be soaked in the hot summer fun!


❏ Bean bag toss. Using a sewing machine, you can sew fabric and buy beans to make the bags. Kids will feel accomplished and appreciate the game more when they create it. Toss the bags in your backyard or in buckets. Of course, you can also use what you have around the house to create a toss game-- small balls or toys into buckets or bowls. bowls.



What ideas do you have for a DIY backyard game?




Community Engagement Adventure


For the community engagement level of this Adventure organize a neighborhood backyard games party.



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