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This is a reading marathon like you've never experienced before. Stay tuned to your local Discover Family Fun community or the Discovery App (text 'family' to 888-403-4140) for details that will be released the 1st week of July.



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Family Adventure

If you are like me you have family-- grandparents and cousins-- that live far away. That's no reason to limit quality time spent together! How about turning screen time into story time with the people we love- a few miles away or a few states away!



GOOD: Storytime is just a video chat away. BookChat™ by Readeo lets you enjoy more time with the little ones in your life, even when you’re apart. More storytime means more quality time, and with this patented BookChat platform it's easier than ever to capture kids’ attention and combines interactive, digitized books with video chat. BookChat lets either side of the video call flip through the pages of a picture book easily. This interactive experience captures kids’ attention longer—which makes it no surprise that 90% of Readeo users prefer BookChat over other video chat services to connect with their loved ones.



BETTER: You can include the whole family in the gift of reading. When you sign up for a Readeo family plan, you can invite up to four additional members—who will all have access to the entire library. With new books added every month, kids can explore countless stories on their own or with you during your next BookChat.



BEST: As part of the Summer Passport Program 2021 you will get more than DOUBLE the Free Trial Time to explore this amazing tool, along with some VERY FUN tools and program wide events to be a part of. That's right. As a Discovery Family you'll get a 30-Day FREE TRIAL instead of the normal 14-Day FREE TRIAL. Then stay tuned to your Adventure Hub, your local Discover Family Fun community (DiscoverFamily.Fun) and the Discovery App (text 'family' to 888-403-4140) for some added bonuses to go along with your Summer of READEO!



Stories have the power to bring people together. With Readeo's ever-growing library of carefully curated titles you'll enjoy hundreds of books you and your family can explore—anytime, anywhere!





❏  Sign up for a 30-Day FREE Trial of Readeo at www.readeo.com/mydd (or use code 'MYDD30' at the main Readeo site) It will require that you enter payment information to register for the 30-day free trial, but it will NOT bill you until after the free trial. You can cancel at any time during the trial period if you do not want to continue.


❏  Invite up to 4 of your family members to join you-- grandparents, cousins, your favorite aunt or uncle.


Schedule some reading time . . . Sunday afternoon, naptime, bedtime, ANY time!


Enjoy this Adventure over and over.


❏ Once you have completed a reading session with each of the 4 family members you invited to join you you can report completion of this Adventure and get your points. Of course, that doesn't mean the Adventure needs to end. I know I will be enjoying this Adventure with my grandkids for the rest of forever!



Pre-K Adventure

One of my favorite things about Readeo is how I can click on one button and easily find books that are appropriate for the ages of the children I am reading with. The Pre-K Adventure is the same as the basic Adventure-- just choose books appropriate for the age group.


Here are some other great features I have discovered:


❏  Bookshelves!   I can use bookshelves to save books I find that I want to read with other grandkids. For example, I can create a bookshelf for an individual child OR for a group of grandkids. With lots of little granddaughters in 4 different households I have created a bookshelf just for this group. When I find a fun book reading with one I can save it onto the bookshelf to read with the others. I even created a bookshelf for Grandpa to read-- anything about 'How it works' or 'building' is definitely something Grandpa will have fun with!


Categories! Sooo many categories to help us find a book quickly and easily that fits the interests and ages of the kids we are reading with.


Search! Just in case the categories don't cover a topic I'm looking for, the search feature definitely will! Want to read about dinosaurs? princesses? ABC books? Number books? Sooo easy to find!


Variety and quantity! There are so many books to choose from, and Readeo is adding new books every month. It's like having your own personal library of thousands of books without having to find a place to store them! (Or move them when the time comes!)





Community Engagement Adventure

Ready to take this Adventure to your community for an extra 300 points!?! This may be the easiest 300 points you'll ever earn!


Share the Readeo fun with 5 friends. This can be done word of mouth, by posting on social media, by email, whatever works best for your family. You could even let the kids design a fun flyer or write 'Sharing the Fun' notes and deliver to neighbors.


Be sure you share the Summer Passport link and/or code with them so that they get double the free trial as well. In fact-- be sure you share the whole Summer Passport experience with them!





Teen Adventure

How can teens get in on the Readeo fun?


The age of the books go up to 9-11. However, that doesn't mean that teens can't be a part of this Adventure. In fact, they can be one of the most important parts of this Adventure by reading to younger siblings and cousins. What a great way to set a good example for those little ones that already look up to their older siblings and cousins!


For this Adventure teens can use their parents account and set-up a reading Adventure with one or more of their younger siblings or cousins. What a great way to help kids participate in their local library's summer reading program!





Photo Location

Snap a selfie of your family enjoying Readeo with family near or far.

by Readeo

This is how our story begins


In 2010, Readeo founder Coby Neuenschwander and his family moved 1,500 miles away—and quickly realized video calls alone weren't enough to keep his son and son’s grandparents connected.


To bridge the distance, Coby turned to the power of stories. Combining beautifully digitized books with video chat technology, Readeo launched later that year, and BookChat™ was patented in 2012. Since then, Readeo has been committed to fostering the joy of reading between loved ones—near and far.


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