Where’s Wattson? Events

Where's Wattson?  is a game that originated at the Cache County Fair and caught on like wildfire. 
Benefits of this simple game include:

  • For Kids: PRIZES! WINNING!  The simple satisfaction of ADVENTURE and FUN!

  • For Parents: Kids are willing to make a stop at every booth; they are actually eager to stop at every 'booth' to be sure they didn't miss 'Wattson'

  • For Vendors: MORE TRAFFIC to the booth, MORE TIME spent in the booth, and MORE EYEBALLS seeing MORE PRODUCT, which all leads to MORE SALES.


The new Where's Wattson games include 2 key improvements:

  • App and QR Code-based: The app and QR Codes allow families to track Wattson sightings more easily

  • Educational: QR Codes will tie Where's Wattson games to learning by exploring topics tied to the event. For example, a children's museum will include questions about activities the children are participating in. Kids answer the question to earn points and win prizes.


Where's Wattson games will show up all over communities in the following places:

  • Museums
  • Local and State Fairs (i.e.  Cache County Fair and Utah State Fair)
  • Corn Mazes
  • Community Events
  • School Events
  • Schools
  • Malls and Mall Events
  • Utah Grizz Games
  • Utah Jazz Games
  • ValPak mailings


Any time My Discovery Destination! is promoted our Adventure Sponsors are promoted. Think about the incredible exposure you will receive from Where's Wattson? games happening on both a local and a state-wide level.


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