My Discovery Destination! For Families: Why Do We Take a Picture for Each Adventure?


My Discovery Destination! is all about helping families


CREATE and CAPTURE Memories!!


The Adventure provides an opportunity for you to CREATE the memory . . . taking a picture is how you CAPTURE the memory.


So why do we ask you to post the picture with #hashtags?


Besides being FUN, it's a matter of sustainability:
In order for Wattson to keep providing free Adventures, those working behind the scenes need to be paid. In order for Wattson to pay the team, businesses need to sponsor the Adventures. In order for businesses to be willing to sponsor the Adventures, they need to get some benefit as well. #Hashtags benefit businesses!
One of the best ways you can say 'Thank You' to the Adventure Sponsors is to take a photo and post it to your social media sites with their hashtag. This provides positive exposure and helps make it worthwhile for them to continue providing free Adventures and other benefits to families.


How do the hashtags work?

  1. Choose your Adventure. The photo location and details will be listed on the Adventure Page.

  3. Enjoy the Adventure, and snap a photo either during or after.

  5. Post the photo to your personal social media sites (particularly facebook, instagram, twitter, or google+) with the hashtag indicated on the Adventure Page and #MyDiscoveryDestination.

  7. We would LOVE to have you post some of your favorites in the group as well. (Please attach the pics you post in the group to the thread specific to that Adventure. If there is no specific Adventure, post it in it's own post.) Also be sure to include the hashtags!

What if I don't want my child's picture in the facebook group?

  • We totally understand that, and you have options:

    1. Take a photo from the back OR show only shoes or hands OR anything where the child is non-distinguishable.

    3. Take the photo without the child in the photo. It won't be as cute, but it will work.

    5. Post the photos on your own social media sites only so YOUR friends and family can see them.

  • My Discovery Destination! groups are closed groups and we do monitor who we let in the group. That said, it is ultimately up to you to protect your child and we support you 100% in what you decide regarding posting the pictures. Just know that your posting with #hashtags helps provide additional free Adventures and opportunities.


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