My Discovery Destination! For Families: Why Download the App?


I know, I know!  You only have so much room on your phone for apps.  Believe me, this is an app you want to make room for. The good news is . . . it hardly takes up any space at all! Watch how long it (doesn't) take to download! Of course we'll be adding new features down the road to make it even better, but we will always keep it simple enough that it won't be a factor in causing an overloaded phone.

So this is why you want to download the App:

  • The app is how you will track the Adventures your children complete!
  • The Adventures they complete will determine the prize(s) they get at the end of the session.
  • The prizes they get determine . . . we'll, they are just REALLY COOL*, so you want to download the app and track the Adventures for them!

*Yes, it's true that the kids that complete the most Adventures during this session could end up on the court at a Utah Jazz game, or hanging out after the game with Utah Grizz players!! Believe me, you want to download the app and record the Adventures.

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