My Discovery Destination! For Families: Why Join the Facebook Group?

The My Discovery Destination! Facebook group is the place to be . . . and here's why:

  • We will introduce any new Adventure Sponsors and their Adventures
  • We will post BONUS Adventures from time to time
  • We will post FREEBIES and DISCOUNTS being offered by our Adventure Sponsors
  • We will give out PRIZES and goodies for those completing the Adventures
  • This is how you let us know that you are using and enjoying the Adventures, and that's important!

In other words- if you aren't checking the facebook group regularly you are missing out on a LOT of GREAT savings and opportunities! Join the group and check-in frequently!

 We'll talk more about that in a later blog . . .

You can join the right facebook group by searching for 'My Discovery Destination! YOUR COMMUNITY'.  Join as many community groups as you want.


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