My Discovery Destination! For Families: The Adventures!

The Adventures are intentionally designed to:

  • Bring families together
  • Develop character
  • Be FUN!!

As you participate in the Adventures and in the My Discovery Destination! facebook group, you will also be introduced to businesses and organizations in your community that care about families and promote family values.
You and your children will have an opportunity to:

  • CREATE and CAPTURE some AWESOME Memories!!!
  • Try new things for FREE
  • Earn prizes and goodies
  • Meet other like-minded families and businesses

    The Adventures, and My Discovery Destination! in general, are designed to be a RESOURCE, not another 'THING' you need to do. The Adventures are GREAT for:

    • Family time
    • Vacation days, 'No School' or 1/2 days
    • Homeschooling families
    • Rewards for finishing chores
    • Any time it works for you!

    Here's how to get the most out of the My Discovery Destination! program:


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