Discovery Family Program Details




    • Encourage Families to Spend Quality Time Together Regularly and Often!
    • Provide parents with a powerful prevention program for their families, and
    • Provide youth and parents with a fun personal development program.



You Earn Points For:

  • Spending quality time together as a family
  • Completing 'Adventures' -The weekly adventures will have plenty of flexibility to fit your family style



Why Earn Points?

  • WIN PRIZES!. The more points you earn the more, and better, the prizes you can earn.



My Discovery Destination!'s Commitment to YOU:

  • Post plenty of fun, FREE family activities for you to enjoy as a family in the FB communities and other locations.
  • Post 'Adventures' at designed to teach life skills, service, and family bonding.
  • Provide rewards and incentives!
  • Provide the Tracking Tool for you to track your progress.
  • Provide the tool to create a digital Photo Journal of your family time throughout the year!
  • Provide an 'On The Go' version on the Goosechase app platform.
  • Provide parenting resources and ideas to address some of the top challenges and concerns parents face today.



How to Get Started:



Things to Know:

  • Completing an average of just 1 Adventure per week together as a family will qualify you for the Family Reward events. (NOTE: these events may not be available in every community every month.)
  • The more points you earn the better your chance of winning the BIGGER Incentives.
  • The 'Just For Parents' Adventure will show you how this program incorporates the protective factors your kids need to prevent risky behaviors, including under-age drinking, smoking and vaping, teen-age pregnancy and even suicide.
  • The Intro Adventure and 'Set-Up' Adventure will teach you everything you need to know to participate in the Discovery Family Program.
  • The 'Setting Goals' Adventure will give you a framework for helping you and your children get the most benefit from the program.
  • These introductory Adventures that involve parents only do not count towards qualifying for the monthly Family Reward Events since they do not involve the whole family.



Have Fun!!