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Following are instructions for using the web version of the Discovery Family Adventures. You are welcome to use this version- it has some great advantages. Be aware, however, that there are many more Adventures on the App version, so using them both together is ideal.
Create an account using your FAMILY NAME for the Discovery Family Program and then add an account for each child:
     ❏ Your family account will be used for the year-round Discovery Family Adventures.
     ❏ The kids' accounts will be used for the Summer Passport program.

Register your parent account.


As you do that, you will have an opportunity to register your child's Adventure Journal.


The Discovery Family Program helps families spend quality time together, learn new things, and build resilience in kids.

Get ready to

Explore, Learn, and HAVE FUN Together!!


Our mission is to provide families with plenty of opportunities to CREATE Moments and CAPTURE Memories.

Register here for hours and hours of fun for the whole family!

My Discovery Destination! Registration Form for families

Registration - Adventure Tracking System (Families)

Registration - Adventure Tracking System (Families)

We'll check if this username is available.
Eight characters minimum One lowercase letter One uppercase letter One number One special character
Photo Consent
NOTE: Photos do NOT require that the child's face or other recognizable features be shown. Feel free to take the picture from the back, pictures of feet or hands, or the Adventure product only. That said, we LOVE pictures of smiling kids having fun with our Adventures, so if you are comfortable sharing those happy smiles with us, please DO!

Add family members

***IMPORTANT*** Create an account using your FAMILY NAME if you would like to complete the Summer Passport Program as a family. You can also add an account for each child. Each child will then be able to create their own Adventure Photo Journal.


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