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I love these Adventures! it brings us closer as a family and brings joy during these crazy times!`` ~Narwhals
. . . getting the whole family involved has been the funnest part . . . family has the best time with each other. ~Harleem
... the kids ask every day can we do more adventures today or what's next ... they have loved it. ~Hair Raisers

What makes My Discovery Destination!

THE Place for families to spend time together?

In today's busy world, families need opportunities for positive, FUN time together.

We offer a wide variety of activities and experiences, and everything is 100% FREE!

Our families have fun bonding while building character and strong relationships.

We love all the fun activities. You chose some really fun things to do together! The best thing is that they can be adapted to fit all families old, young, big, and small. Thank you for . . . giving us a year full of fun family memories this year!” ~Silverseuss