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Your Adventure Photo Journal

Family Adventure


Let's take a minute to get your Adventure Photo Journal set-up


This 3-minute Adventure will help you set-up your Adventure Photo Journal and be ready for full participation in the Summer Passport 2021 program!


Complete these 2 simple steps:


 Connect to your My Discovery Destination! Facebook Community AND the app.

You can find the closest community to you HEREClick HERE to find the app or text 'family' to 888-403-4140



 Register as a My Discovery Destination! family (Totally FREE!).

This simple step will do three important things:



(1)   Digital Membership Card:  It will provide you with a My Discovery Destination! digital membership card




(2)  Adventure Photo Journal: 

As you record completion of the Adventures you complete will be prompted to upload a picture. This will automatically create a visual record of your family adventures

And . . . It will track your points!

(Look in the upper left corner of the picture under 'Welcome, Kadence!' to see the points being tracked)




**NOTE** If you don't see an orange button at the end of an Adventure you are not logged in. You must be logged in to record completion of your Adventures and log your points. You can log in at https://summer.mydiscoverydestination.com/register. You will also find an orange 'Login' button at the bottom of every page on the website.


Should you record completion of your Adventures on the website, the App, or both?


Here are a few reasons you may want use the website:

❏ You can report completion of an Adventure multiple times

❏ You can create an Adventure Photo Journal for each child





That's it!  Let the FUN Begin!!



Have a GREAT time with your family.


As you spend quality time with your family, you also earn points for prizes and rewards.
If you have any questions you can always contact us at Wattson@MyDiscoveryDestination.com







Photo Location

This will very likely be the very first picture in your Adventure Photo Journal. We recommend that you upload a family 'selfie' to kick things off.

The mission of My Discovery Destination! and the Family Discovery program is to STRENGTHEN FAMILIES and BUILD CHARACTER through providing opportunities for families to enjoy FREE family experiences so they can build strong bonds and CREATE and CAPTURE memories.

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for the purpose of


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