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Summer Market

Family Adventure

What would summer be without a visit to the local Gardener's Market?

Plan an outing with your family to the Gardener's Market nearest to you. Here are some things to discuss with your family either while you are at the market, or after:


  • What kinds of fruits and vegetables are at your Gardener's Market?
  • Was there anything there you didn't recognize?
  • What do they have besides produce?  Homemade crafts?  Music?  Kid's booths?
  • What was your favorite part?
  • If you were going to have a booth at the market, what would it be?


This is a great opportunity for you and your family to CREATE and CAPTURE Memories and have a fun, healthy experience together!


NOTE: This  adventure is the same for PreK, Basic and Teens. Have FUN!

Community Engagement Adventure

For the Community Engagement Adventure learn more about where food actually comes from and how it plays a role in your overall community. Take some time to learn about where your food comes from, and why fresh food is healthier for you than food with preservatives. Do you know where?


  • milk comes from?
  • eggs come from?
  • cheese comes from?
  • bread comes from?
  • fruits and vegetables come from?
  • which fruits and vegetables grow in your area?
  • which fruits and vegetables have to be shipped in?
  • which animals do the different meats come from? beef? pork? chicken? fish?


You can find information on-line, in a library, or take a trip straight to a farm to see where so much of our food originates.


Be sure to share what you learn with your parents and a few friends.


Most of all, HAVE FUN!

Photo Location

Take a selfie of you at your local Gardener's Market and post it to your social media sites with the hashtags #GardenersMarket and #MyDiscoveryDestination

The mission of your local gardener's market is most likely to educate consumers about sustainable agriculture and healthy foods, provide a source of revenue for local farmers and artisans, and create a vital community gathering place for all ages. Most Gardner's markets showcase locally homegrown produce. Some include other items like fine arts and handmade crafts.

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