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Park Hop!

Family Adventure


For this Adventure check out the various parks in your area. How many of these parks have you been to?  Try to visit at least 1 new park that you've never been to. Plan a family picnic, take a walk, fly a kite, play a game of frisbee. Anything your family enjoys to CREATE and CAPTURE Memories!


Pre-K Adventure


A park is the perfect Adventure for Pre-K kids. Whether it's a picnic, a game of tag, or just lying on the grass and looking for shapes in the clouds-- take some time to CREATE and CAPTURE Memories with your little ones.




Community Engagement Adventure


Are there any parks in your neighborhood that you could help keep clean?  Take a few minutes to walk around and pick up any litter or other things that might be out of order.


Another idea for community engagement  on the Park Hop is to organize an official Park Hop day with family or friends to visit 3-5 parks in the same outing. You could let each participant choose an activity and have a progressive park hop, similar to a progressive dinner.


You may want to combine this with the bike riding Adventure and ride your bikes from park to park. Be sure to take a group photo at each park that you visit and post it to your social media sites to introduce others to the new parks as well.





Teen Adventure


This is a great Adventure for teens to take the lead on!  Let your parents know that you want to organize a Park Hop! day for your family and plan out a fun family Adventure at each park. This is a great opportunity to practice being a leader. Here are some tips for being a good leader:


❏ Be sure to involve the other kids in selecting the activities.


❏ Remember that good leaders are focused on helping those they lead to grow and develop. Include your other siblings wherever possible.


❏ Think of Mom and Dad as the 'Boss' and be sure to consult them on the dates, keep them updated, and be open to their feedback and suggestions.

Photo Location

Take a picture of yourself at a new park you visit and post it to your social media so you can introduce others to your newfound treasure.


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