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Plan a Day Trip

Family Adventure


There's nothing quite like a summer day trip to bring you together as a family and put a SUMMER SMILE on your face!


For this Adventure you get to PLAN A DAY TRIP for your whole family (working with your parents, of course)! After all, when there isn't time for a full fledged family vacation, a day trip can have the same positive benefits:


  • Improves Relationships!
  • Reduces Stress. ...
  • Helps Your Heart Stay Healthy.
  • Improves Your Mental Health
  • What a great way to CREATE and CAPTURE memories


So here we go! You'll need to decide the following:


Where will you go that would put a smile on your face? 


Here are some ideas of places to go or things to do on your summer day trip:


  • Visit a State park – hiking, backpacking, picnic, field trips.
  • Visit a Museum – local displays, rotating or traveling exhibits
  • Enjoy some Local culture – car show, horse shows, boat racing, sand sculptures, Peach Days, etc.
  • Visit a farm – you pick
  • Go to a fair – state fairs are in abundance in the summer
  • Enjoy a Rodeo – a bit of culture for the cowboy or cowgirl in each of us
  • Visit a Pet Store – just visit! Some stores feature exotic animals
  • Go to the Gardener's Market or a Flea Market – local culture at its best.
  • Visit an Amusement Park
  • Visit an interesting restaurant and taste exotic foods
  • Go on a Horseback ride


What form of transportation will you use to get there?


  • bicycles
  • walking
  • car
  • other . . .


How long will this Day Trip take? What time will you need to leave?


  • Sunup to Sundown?
  • Morning and afternoon?
  • An Afternoon?


What food will you eat?


  • Pack a lunch?
  • Go to a restaurant?
  • Will we take snacks?


What will you need to take with you?  Here is a basic supply list for summertime day trips. Add or subtract as needed for your specific destination:


  • Backpack
  • Binoculars
  • Portable chairs
  • Picnic lunch
  • Bug spray
  • Sunscreen
  • Plenty of Water!
  • First-aid kit
  • Umbrella


Now that you have all the details put together, ENJOY YOUR DAY TRIP!!


Pre-K Adventure


Even the littlest Adventurers will enjoy having some input on the families' Summer Day Trip.


For the PreK Adventure pull your youngest Adventurers together and let them help 'Plan a Day Trip' using the questions in the Basic Adventure.


Community Engagement Adventure


Enjoy multiple 'Day Trips' by organizing a 'Share Your Day Trip' event where you pull together some friends and their families and share your experiences with each other.  There are several key benefits to this:


❏ You get to enjoy multiple Day Trips through hearing about the 'other' trips you went on.


❏ Parents get a chance to meet their kids' friends and their parents. What a great opportunity to get to know the other parents that are influencing your kids and develop a relationship with them so you can communicate in the future as necessary.


❏ Get ideas for your next Day Trip!  You may hear about something that you want to go experience yourself, and it could become the basis for another fun Day Trip for your family!


❏  This provides a great opportunity for kids practice their presentation and public speaking skills in a SAFE space!


When preparing what and how your family will present your Day Trip be sure to include everyone. Take time to visit with each family member and get input from them on what they feel the highlights of the Day Trip were, the pics they want to share, and parts of the Day Trip they would like to present. What are their ideas for how the presentation should look?  Will it be pictures? A powerpoint? A video presentation? A skit?


What kinds of food could they share from their Day Trip, or should there just be general refreshments?


Community engagement means looking outside of yourself and lifting others up by helping them get involved and develop confidence and self-esteem as well. You will find that the very best way to put a SMILE on YOUR face is to help put a SMILE on someone else's face. Nothing feels better than knowing you made someone else feel important!


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