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Chalk Art


There are LOTS of Chalk Art EVENTS throughout the state. Is there one in YOUR neighborhood? We'd love to feature it-- please send us the details.


Here are some that we know about:



❏ Nibley City 'Chalk the Walk' on Tuesday, June 15. Register HERE. This event is part of the Nibley Heritage Days week long celebration that features all kinds of activities to bring families together. You can get all of the details HERE.


❏  Bountiful Chalk Art Festival - June 9-12th

The artists begin their work on Wednesday by marking off their space, making plans, etc. By Thursday the artwork is beginning to come together, so if you want to see the artists in action taking a stroll through the Chalk Art Festival on Thursday is a great time to enjoy this event. However, to see the completed art you will want to go back Friday night and Saturday. Whether you live in the area or another part of the state, this is an event worth making plans to attend!


Here is one happening right in your own neighborhood, and featuring YOU!


❏ Summer Passport Neighborhood Chalk Art Festival - Differs by neighborhood

My Discovery Destination! is excited to sponsor the statewide Neighborhood Chalk Art Festival where YOU can help bring JOY and CREATIVITY to your own neighborhood. See the Community Engagement level Adventure for details.





Family Adventure

Creating chalk art drawings is not only fun and entertaining, but there are many hidden benefits as well:


❏ Drawing helps children discover, reflect on, and express themselves.


❏ It helps them learn about themselves.


❏ It helps them feel more happy and confident, and gives them an extra sense of identity and purpose in life.


❏ We use our brains when we draw. This not only releases endorphins, but helps build new connections and pathways. When drawing, we actively use both sides of our brain, the right for creativity, and the left for logical thinking. This strengthens both and helps develop the ability to focus and think strategically.


❏ It is through exposure to any type of art, including chalk art, that a person can begin to think critically. It requires careful decision making, and that increases a persona's intelligence. Rewarding hobbies like painting, drawing and photography can redice a person's stress levels and can help clear your mind.


For this Adventure simple grab some chalk art and let the kids go to work creating their masterpiece.


This Adventure can be done any time, but we hope you will choose to participate in the community engagement level Adventure and organize a neighborhood Chalk Art Festival to bring joy to your local neighborhood.


Pre-K Adventure


While the art work created by the pre-K adventurers may not be much, in addition to the benefits listed in the family Adventure, while playing with sidewalk chalk younger kids develop color recognition, sorting and matching skills.  The chalk can also be used to teach children shapes, numbers and letters.


What does this mean for you? Be sure to incorporate some of these fun learning activities into your chalk art drawing:


❏  Use the different colors of chalk to help teach colors


❏ Let your little ones count the chalk pieces. You can even teach simple math with older pre-K kids. "If you have 2 pieces of chalk and I give you one more, how many will you have?"


❏ Draw different shapes, letters, and numbers with the chalk.






Community Engagement Adventure


This is where things get really fun!



While having a city-wide Chalk Art Festival like what happens in Bountiful is awesome! Why not bring that fun and beauty to your own neighborhood? The drawings may not be as complex or sophisticated as the Festival artists, but even beginner artists can bring a smile to the faces of passers by. You can also be creative and draw fairly simple things like balloons, water with a diving board, etc. and let real live people be the 'complex' part. Check out the picture with this adventure for a few examples, or search for chalk art images and you'll see TONS of amazing, yet simple ideas.


For an extra 300 points for this Adventure go ahead and organize a neighborhood Chalk Art Festival. Here are some steps to help you get started:


❏ Determine the 'area' of your event. Will this be one street? an entire block? or an entire neighborhood?


❏ Determine other specifics. For example, will you be giving out prizes? If so, how will the winners be determined? Will there be treats the night of your neighborhood festival stroll? If so, what will they be and who will provide them?


❏ Choose the date. usually a 3-4 day spread is best.


❏ Design a flyer to let your neighbors know about the plan. Be sure to invite everyone. You never know who will and who won't participate. Even the elderly on your street may have someone come draw for them-- or they might enjoy getting out and drawing something themselves!


❏ On the designated day everyone in the neighborhood creates a fun chalk art drawing on the sidewalk in front of their home. This can include positive messages along with the the fun designs. If you have neighbors who are not able or planning to participate you may want to ask them if they would like for you to do something on their part of the sidewalk.


❏ That evening you can invite the entire neighborhood to take a stroll up and down the street, or around your festival area, and see the beautiful creations.


❏ We can't wait to see your festival! Be sure to share pics in your local Discover Family Fun community or email pictures to Wattson@MyDiscoveryDestination.com so we can enjoy the fun with you!



Teen Adventure


The community engagement level Adventure is a perfect way for teens to enjoy this Adventure! Go ahead and have a blast planning your own neighborhood Chalk Art Festival. Whether it's big or small, lots of pictures or just a few, you will have lots of fun as well as develop lifeskills like time management, communication, planning and more.




Photo Location

Take a selfie of yourself with your chalk art creations

by Joy Foundation

The Joy Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping local youth discover talents, develop confidence and overcome adversity through the arts.


It is the Foundation’s objective to pay particular attention to youth that may not otherwise have the opportunity to learn the arts through any other avenue.

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