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Family Civics Chase

Family Adventure

Do you know who represents you in the Utah Legislature?


You can find out on the internet with tools like THIS LINK.  To earn points for this mission, submit the last names of the senator and representative(s) that represent you in the Utah Legislature.



Be sure to check out the Community Engagement level Adventure-  You won't want to miss this one!


The Utah Civic Learning Collaborative is an informal alliance of educators, nonprofits, policymakers, and academic partners dedicated to preparing youth for civic life.


The UCLC has four focus areas:
Foundations of Democracy: Curriculum Strategies
Character and School Culture: Fostering Civic Dispositions
Media/Digital Literacy and Contemporary Debates
Experiential Civics and Academic Service Learning


The UCLC has three purposes:
Build on the partnerships and innovations occurring in K-12 classrooms.
Help Utah educators leverage research on best practices in civics and character education and curriculum content.
Connect organizations and community nonprofits with K-12 classrooms in ways that facilitate young peoples’ lifelong engagement in civic life.





Pre-K Adventure


Just for our youngest Adventurers, here's a link to a video that you'll enjoy:




Community Engagement Adventure

For the Community Engagement level Adventure that Utah Civic Learning Collaborative has put together a fun Discovery Hunt just for our Summer Passport Program 2021 Adventurers.

To get connected search the Goosechase App for 'Family Civic Chase' or code '3KLLXQ'. The Hunt will go live on June 11.


Have Fun!!










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