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Room Makeover

Family Adventure

Time for a Summer Room Makeover! Everybody feng shui tonight! (Or just re-decorate with some new styles that express your personality!)


Pick a room in your house and let the kids help "redesign" it. This can include moving furniture, pictures, or even painting it, if you have the means (and patience!) to do so.


You can let the kids do a makeover of their bedrooms, or you can work on a room together. Just be sure to let everyone get involved in expressing themselves and their style. This is a great opportunity to really get to know each other and find out what each family member likes and why.


Pre-K Adventure

Event the littlest Adventurers can get in on helping to design what works for them. The best way to involve preschoolers is to give them options. "Would you like to have the basket of books here or over there?"  "Would you like to keep a few toys in this corner or do you want them all together in your room?" "Here is the amount of space we have for this area. Which toys and books do you want to keep here?"

Giving them voice helps them develop decision-making skills and lets them know that what they think is important. This is an important beginning to developing resilience and building strong family bonds.

Community Engagement Adventure


For the community engagement level Adventure gather items you no longer need as you complete your makeover and donate them to the local Deseret Industries or thrift store.




Teen Adventure

Doing a Room Makeover is the perfect  focus for Teens on this Adventure. In some situations it might be time for a complete makeover and, if a family has the means and ability, Teens may want to go a step further than a simple makeover and plan things like re-painting the room, re-doing the floor, etc. Choose the colors and even help with the painting as appropriate. Think of the great skills you can develop that will help you later in life.

Here's a BONUS for Mom and Dad:

When your teens re-design their room for you they are giving you a memory and a gift. Our daughter did a room makeover while she was in high school. At the time we thought the color was a bit darker than we would have chosen (and she even wanted the color on the ceiling!), but now that she is a mother herself and living in her own home it's nice to go into that room and think of her. She has left us a little piece of herself and her style!



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