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Same, Different!

Family Adventure

Homophones are words that sound the same but have different meanings.


Homographs look the same


Homonyms are everything that confuse the heck out of us and befuddle our brains in various linguistic ways.



Here are some examples:


1. Band and Banned
2.Throne and Thrown
3. Board and Bored.
4. Aisle, Isle and I'll
5. Vain, Vane and Vein
6. Their. There. They're
7. Know and No.
8. Knead and Need.
9. Knight and Night.
10. Knot and Not.
11. Altar and Alter.
12. Bail and Bale.
13. Bare and Bear.
14. Bases and Basis.
15. Beat and Beet.
16. Buy, By and Bye.
17. Principle and Principal.
18. Cell and Sell.
19. Cereal and Serial.
20. Chews and Choose.



Take these fun homophones and try one or more of the following activities:



❏ Draw pictures of the two words. For example, you could draw a picture of a knight in the dark (night)



❏ Play Partner charades. Split into 2 teams. Write the words on pieces of paper and put them in a bowl. Each team draws out a pair of homophones and then team members act out BOTH of the meanings at the same time. The other team tries to guess what the two homophone words are.



❏ What other homophones can you think of?



❏ Play 'Would you rather . . ." with them. Would you rather be vain, be a vane on top of a barn or be a vein in the body and why?





HAVE FUN with it!





Pre-K Adventure

Homophones are a little too advanced for our youngest Adventurers, but there are lots of ways to explore language with them.



The most important things is to simply TALK TO THEM . . . a LOT!  Choose one of  these homophones to help your child make up stories. Talk. Talk. Talk!





Teen Adventure

Have some fun with these homophones. Get a group of friends together and use them to play charades or pictionary.



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