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Family Adventure

This Adventure  is SUPER simple: brainstorm 'summer words' as a family (or just select your favorite adventures from this hunt) and write each one on a piece of paper. Then play the traditional game of charades.



Dr. Christy Kane, sponsor of this adventure, has focused on the value of good old fashioned fun, including games and eating meals together, from the very first day I met her. Her opening words to me were, "Do you realize that you have exactly what families need to build strong bonds and protect their kids?" When asked to 'Tell me more' she went on to discuss the value of spending time together as a family playing board games together, going on walks together, eating together, cooking together. Are you catching that key word . . . '  TOGETHER!!  Can you see why she and I have been working together on a variety of different projects ever since? Our goal is the same . . . encourage families to spend quality time TOGETHER!



Dr. Kane's new 360 Focus Mental Health program that will release in just a few weeks would have been a great fit with literally any of the Adventures on the Hub because they all can be done TOGETHER. Playing charades just seemed to be a little more Dr. Kane because of the 'game' element. Be sure to start your list of charades off with something like 'family time' or 'Together we're Stronger'.  Here's one that will really honor Dr. Kane . . . 8 for 8 Hugs! (Not sure what I'm talking about? Check out this Discovery Family Adventure)





by 360 Focus


What Are You Doing Daily To Empower Your Mental Health?


360 Focus Mental Health – Happy Minds 3 Minutes at a Time


Our Mission is Clear - Empower Mental Health

360 Focus Mental Health is empowering the mental health of individuals ages 3-100 where they live on a daily basis.
Through innovative microlearning, founded in evidence-based stabilization processes, 360 focus mental health supports and promotes the foundation of positive mental health. At a click of an app individuals, families, students, first responders, and corporations can quickly access mental health empowerment tools, educational resources, and licensed professionals for support and direction.

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