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Summer of Serving Seniors

Family Adventure


Serving as a family is a great way to spend your time! Aspire Therapy wants to challenge you to find ways to serve seniors in your community. The sky is the limit! Below are a few ideas to get you thinking, but you can do anything that you feel is right for the seniors in your area.


  • Mow their lawn or pull some weeds
  • Visit on the porch
  • Sidewalk chalk art to brighten their day
  • Make cards or simple art creations to deliver
  • Make or buy something tasty that they may enjoy
  • Make a video and send it to those who live farther away
  • Play a card game with them
  • Plan a trip to the local care center
  • Plan a song or musical number to perform at a care center
  • Call them to just chat
  • Make sunshine packages with bright, fun treats inside
  • Ask them about their lives - be an attentive listener!
  • Walk their dog
  • Walk with them around the block


This list is not comprehensive by any means! Please use your creativity while thinking of the specific seniors in your area. Enjoy the closeness this brings to your family as well as to your senior friends.




Pre-K Adventure



This is a great Adventure for our youngest Adventurers to start learning about empathy and helping others. It is a great way to help children start building relationships and learning to think about the needs of others.




The options are numerous. Consider your child's interests, find a senior adult that is close to the family, and let the fun begin.




Community Engagement Adventure



There are many opportunities to serve senior citizens in the community. Whether it is as a group or individually, and whether you choose to serve an entire group of seniors in an assisted living center or memory care center or an elderly neighbor on your street, find something that will work well for your family and Have Fun!






Teen Adventure


There are many, many options for teens to serve seniors, but the CyberSeniors project is one great option to consider.  You can find details at https://summer.mydiscoverydestination.com/cv/adv/3427/.






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