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Bird Houses

Family Adventure

You may not be in the market to build yourself a new house, but it's always a good time to build, or even just paint, a new birdhouse to add some fun to your backyard. There are lots of options for this-- for easy versions use recyleable materials like milk jugs or cartons and other size boxes. You can also start from scratch with leftover wood, hammer and nails and design, build and paint your birdhouse masterpiece. You can also use a pre-made birdhouse and simply design the color scheme and paint it.



Whatever you choose to do, your feathered friends will appreciate the gesture!






Pre-K Adventure


Even our youngest Adventurers will enjoy building a simple birdhouse. They may be too young for a hammer and nails, but a birdhouse made from a milk jug or a milk carton could be simple enough, and FUN!



No matter what they do they will need a lot of parent supervision, but that's the point! GREAT quality time as a family with lots of time to have those important conversations. Enjoy!





Community Engagement Adventure

Who wants to organize a neighborhood yard tour?  That's right-- schedule a specific night for families to stroll through the neighborhood and enjoy each other's yards, gardens, and birdhouses! Here are some ideas to get started:



❏ Choose a Date and timeframe



❏ You will want to ensure that people aren't just randomly walking through neighbors yards that aren't a part of the tour, so here is how to avoid any fiasco's:


~ Invite everyone on the street to participate in the display AND as tourists for the tour! Let them know what you are doing and invite them to join in even if it's just a FRONT LAWN participation where they display the birdhouse they made or some other creation


~ Create a map that clearly shows WHICH HOMES are participating and what parts of their yard are open for the tour-- just the front, front and back, sidewalk only.  Make sure that everyone knows exactly what each homeowner has agreed to.


~ Another option is to create signs for each yard that give the instructions for that yard. This option allows for passers by to easily participate, but it also may include more time, money and organization.


~ Send out a few reminders to participants as the event day gets closer so that everyone can be prepared.


~ Be sure to publicize your event to the whole neighborhood. Be very clear about the timeframe and the expectations! It's a good idea to make it clear that this is a FAMILY event and kids should be accompanied by their parents.






~ After the event be sure to deliver a special 'Thank You' to each participating home on the tour. This can be delivered verbally, but a note or card is also a nice gesture. Be sure to include something specific in your message to make it more meaningful. For example-- 'I loved how your flower garden made the yard smell so good" or "Your birdhouse was so colorful and creative. It really made me feel happy."




Teen Adventure

 Combine any of the ideas from the Basic or Community Engagement level Adventures with the following suggestions and Have Fun!


❏ Make this a Father/Son, Father/Daughter, Mother/Son or Mother/Daughter Adventure


❏ Help a younger child with this Adventure and be their mentor


❏ Gather a group of friends for this Adventure. Especially if you have a parent with special skills in this area be sure to invite your friends who may not get the kind of exposure to building or creativity that you have to join you.


❏ Organize a yard tour as outlined in the Community Engagement Adventure, but do it with your group of friends. This will look more like the annual home tour where the sites are spread throughout the city rather than the downtown gallery walk where everything is together on ones street. Either way, it will be a TON of FUN!



Photo Location

Take a picture of your child and their birdhouse and post it to your social media sites with the hashtags #birdhouse #AndrusTeam and #MyDiscoveryDestination

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Helping meet the needs of people with mortgages, insurance, debt elimination products, and now real estate has given me a wonderful chance to learn and improve my skills in this industry. Hard work and being backed by a first-rate brokerage gave me the confidence to earn the title of "Rookie of the Year" for the local association my first year as an agent. In 2014, my wife and fellow agent, Brittany Andrus, joined me in the business and we are now known as “Andrus Team” at Engel & Völkers Logan. In 2018, we earned the title of Realtor of the Year for The Cache Valley Association of Realtors!


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