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For the Love of Technology

Family Adventure

Tech Girlz wants to know more about what sparks your interest most when it comes to technology!

Here are some things to consider:



❏ What apps do you use most and why?


❏ What new technologies have impacted your life and how?


❏ What challenge have you had or seen in the the world that you would like to invent a new technology to solve?


We have designed a mini-hunt in collaboration with TechGirlz to help you explore technology this summer and learn more about the FREE workshops that are available through this amazing organization. You can connect with it by searching for 'For the Love of Technology with TechGirlz' or Code '97VWLR'.   To complete this Adventure take some time to connect with the hunt and look through the different missions. Choose a few to 'complete' and then you can report this Adventure as completed. Of course, you'll want to continue the TechGirlz hunt and have fun with technology all summer long!



What a great opportunity to have a discussion about technology and take a look at some great resources available to help you achieve your dreams!




by Tech Girlz

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