Funding for PTAs

The Challenge: PTAs are constantly fundraising to support various PTA programs and yet there still isn’t money to support important programs like parent education, financial education for students and parents, internet safety, etc.


The Solution: We direct funding to PTAs with very little effort on the part of PTA leaders. Every school has parents who own or work for companies and organizations that believe in strengthening families and building character, and want to support education. By becoming Adventure Sponsors they can support their school while also receiving an opportunity to participate in relationship marketing at its best. For every Adventure Sponsor that comes from the school 100% of the profits will go to the local PTA.


Where Do You Start?   Make a copy of the Adventure Sponsor Recommendation Spreadsheet, share it with and other parents at your school that may want to make suggestions. Our team will contact businesses you recommend via this form providing information about the My Discovery Destination! opportunity. If they choose to sponsor an Adventure, 100% of the donation will go to your school*.

(* If a business is recommended by multiple schools, the donation will go to the first school to make the recommendation unless the business itself requests it go to a specific school or be split among several schools.)


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