PTA Reflections Program


The Challenge: Participation in the PTA Reflections program is at an all-time low. This valuable program that provides students with an opportunity to be creative and develop their talents in many areas (writing, drawing, painting, dance, music, etc.) is being utilized by less than 1% of students in some of our schools. There could be many factors that play into this, but it is believed that the biggest factors are lack of education about the program and the program being 'forgotten' in the chaos of every day life.


The Solution: My Discovery Destination! can help in both of these areas by:

  • Again- Education!! Through the facebook group we can help families learn that the Reflections program is more than just an 'Art' and 'Drawing' program-- there is a dance category, writing categories, composing music, 2D art and 3D art categories. It's much more than most parents realize.


  • Include a Reflections Adventure in the regular line-up of adventures. Many students will choose a category and complete a project for the simple satisfaction of completing the adventure and receiving the reward.


  • Reminders! We can keep the program in front of parents on a regular basis so that it doesn't sneak up on them unexpectedly.


Where Do You Start?  Have your Reflections Chair contact us at so that we can coordinate announcements in the group regarding the Reflections program.


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